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how does a dui affect your career

How Does a DUI Affect Your Career?

How Does a DUI Affect Your Career? When the topic of a DUI conviction is raised, most people think of losing their driver’s license and having to rely on family and friends for rides.  Others think of jail time and fines.  The little-known truth is a DUI conviction has the potential to ruin your career. […]
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arizona dui prescription drugs

Arizona DUI Prescription Drugs

Arizona DUI Prescription Drugs DUIs are not just issued to drunk drivers there is also specific mentioning on the citation that there could be intoxicating vapor or drugs in the driver’s system that will count just as much as alcohol when considering if the driver was under the influence. Under the Influence of Medication In […]
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self driving vehicles and dui

Self Driving Vehicles and DUI

Self Driving Vehicles and DUI New automobile technologies evolve rapidly. Tech experts put a lot of emphasis on increasing safety and negating the risk of human error through the implementation of the right software program. Vehicles that enable autopilot driving are becoming a more common thing and they’ll obviously have an effect on traffic laws […]
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The Most Important 2017 Arizona DUI Data

The Most Important 2017 Arizona DUI Data Data concerning DUI stops and arrests in Arizona during 2017 has already been released. The number of arrests hasn’t changed significantly in comparison to 2016 data. According to reports, 2016 has been one of the worst years in the state as far as DUI deaths are concerned. Luckily, […]
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dui impaired to the slightest degree

DUI Impaired to the Slightest Degree in Arizona

DUI Impaired to the Slightest Degree: What are the Consequences? Some people believe that a DUI charge is a unified term that applies to all types of violations under the umbrella. This isn’t 100 percent correct. Driving under the influence can lead to various charges – aggravated DUI, extreme DUI, super extreme DUI, etc. DUI […]
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