The Most Important 2017 Arizona DUI Data

The Most Important 2017 Arizona DUI Data

Data concerning DUI stops and arrests in Arizona during 2017 has already been released. The number of arrests hasn’t changed significantly in comparison to 2016 data. According to reports, 2016 has been one of the worst years in the state as far as DUI deaths are concerned. Luckily, the trend is about to end in 2017. So, let’s review the Arizona DUI data.

Key Arizona DUI Statistics

In comparison to data for 2016, there were 93,000 more traffic stops in 2016, the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety reported in January 2018. The increase in DUI arrests, on the other hand, was minimal. Law enforcement agencies arrested 26,060 individuals in 2016. The number went up to 26,296 arrests in 2017.

The total number of traffic stops during the year reached 1.236 million.

One troublesome statistic shows that the number of drug-related offenses and arrests has increased. The number of DUIs involving individuals who had taken a drug before getting in the car increased by 900 on an annual basis.

Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety released a number of additional relevant statistics. The average blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of impaired drivers was 0.151. In comparison, the average in 2016 was 0.156.

Another positive trend focuses on the number of designated drivers. The sober designated drivers were 6,000 more in comparison to 2016 data. The total number of sober designated drivers in 2017 was 14,971.

An Improvement from 2016

The new report is painting a positive picture in comparison to Arizona DUI data for 2016 – one of the worst years as far as DUI statistics are concerned.

In 2016, police officers reported a 14 percent increase in DUI arrests since 2014. At the same time, the year was one of the worst in terms of DUI deaths.

According to officials, the increase in DUI deaths was unparalleled over the past 50 years. In 2015, Arizona witnessed 272 alcohol-related deaths on the road. This number represents 33 percent of all the fatal crashes that occurred on the territory of the state. The year began the upward trend that continued in 2016. In comparison, the number of deaths caused by alcohol-related crashes in 2011 was only 212.

Unfortunately, the number of people killed in impaired driving conditions was 406, ADOT reported. While the data pertaining to deaths on the road in 2017 hasn’t been released yet, the year was hopefully much better in terms of awareness and preventing DUI-related deaths.

Arizona Ranks among the Toughest DUI Prosecution States in the US

The statistics suggest that the zero-tolerance approach towards drunk driving in Arizona is a needed measure.

A 2016 study ranked Arizona number one among the states that have the harshest penalties for driving under the influence. In addition, Arizona is ranked second when it comes to the effectiveness of drunk driving prevention efforts.

arizona dui dataThe survey was based on the examination of laws in the different states. It took in consideration the mandatory sentences for DUI, the treatment of impaired driving charges and prevention efforts.

In Arizona, a first-time driving offense is still considered a criminal offense that leads to misdemeanor charges. The driver will face a license suspension, as well as a fine of up to 1,250 dollars. First-time offenders could also face some jail time. Screening and counselling will also be required for the individuals found guilty of driving under the influence.

A second-time offender is going to endure an even more serious penalty. The jail time is up to 90 days and there’s also a fine of up to 3.500 dollars. Additional penalties for second-time offenders include a one-year license revocation, the installation of an ignition interlock device for a period of 12 months and community service. Looking at the strict DUI law enforcement in Arizona, it will be prudent to contact experienced DUI attorneys immediately on being charged with DUI.